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Loto Vázquez

Loto Vazquez is dedicated to helping its clients experience peace, happiness and success in any or all areas of life. He is the author of the book, “Happiness is Easy! 5 Universal Principles that will guarantee peace, happiness and success in every area of your life “ to be published shortly. He is also the creator Coaching System for Easy Happiness.  This came about as a result of distilling 15 years of personal growth from a wide variety of methods with 10 years experience as a facilitator of personal growth in North America, Latin America and Europe.

Participants of his events, whether conferences, seminars or one-on-one sessions always receive the motivation and inspiration of his words and his presence along with this system of 5 steps. What Loto presents in the 5 steps virtually “will force” the experience of more well-being, clarity and results in any area of ​​life you apply it to. This 5 step system is clearly outlined in his book; look for its publication this year.

Loto had a simple but transformative experience at age 16, which set the direction of his life.  The focus of his life began with philosophy (licensed in Barcelona at age 22), included holistic health (studied gestalt and natural health in Argentina), meditation (practiced for over 15 years and taught for more than 7) and now coaches as a way to share the fruits of his research and experience. It has proved useful for hundreds of people, in fact, for anyone who applies his techniques. He has lectured at the Rovira i Virgili University, among others, has private clients in Spain and other countries in America and Europe.

You can learn more about his work in  www.FelicidadFacil.com

Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf / Sanatakumari

Dr. Cheryl is here to help you if who know it is time to do that thing you always wanted to do but don’t know where to start. If you wish to stay on top of your game but struggle with being happy and making it sustainable, she can guide you to make life successful, natural and easy.

As a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Cheryl is dedicated to listening to her patients and has answers with a natural approach that works. Dissatisfaction with conventional medical treatment and being tired of playing the guessing game of self-treatment leads them to her for natural healing designed for them specifically. She has been recognized as Best Alternative Health Practitioner in the Verde Valley for the past 5 years in her practice in Cottonwood, Arizona, which she started in 1999.

Now Dr. Cheryl is adding her experience as a practitioner (since 1976) and teacher (since 2005) of meditation, knowing that happiness is necessary for health and success, in her Felicidad Facil (Easy Happiness) Coaching. She also will soon be offering a comprehensive program to understand your own health status, have a guideline to sort through the onslaught of trending health information and follow internal guidance to live your best health in freedom and joy. See drcherylkasdorf.com


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