What some people say about our work

Roman Hayn,

Meditation teacher. München, Germany

Hello, Loto, Thanks again for an amazing session. You’ve really expanded my experience happiness, much, and I’m excited about a bright, light, abundant and exciting future.

The second session became very clear to me, that the decision to make this Coaching was the best gift I could give myself. I’m so sure I know that I can achieve my dreams and do it the most cheerful way.

And this is only possible because I asked for help. I’m not alone, which is a great relief. Since before my only support was my mind. And it is the worst possible assistant. The mind is even the opposite. And do you know why? Because you can never know more than me. It has the same knowledge and the same experience as me. How could then help me walk forward? Is not it funny that we think can?

Something beautiful than I realized about my desire is, I’ve been working on fulfilling them during the last years of my life, most of them. So it is natural and logical to do so for the rest of my life in a more efficient and cheerful manner. Another great thing I learned is how important it is to keep everything “weightless” and exciting. So no matter what my plans, they should feel that way. That’s something that definitely was so completely wrong in the past. I used to make my plans so “heavy” that could not even move. Now I can see that had no chance of achieving any anything with all the bad habits and strategies of my mind.

But I am now on a path where success is guaranteed, while I’m walking with my highest desires in my heart. So you have the choice: Doing it alone and continue trying or get help (make progress) and start achieving.

Luis Emilio Rodríguez Fernández

Network Marketing – Distributor. Tenerife (Canary Islands)

[…] This man is amazing, from the first moment he conveyed to me a sense of peace, tranquility, understanding, in short, I have no words to describe it, it has to be experienced.For me just to hear Loto gives me happiness, and because of this I’m sure there is no one better than you for this project, which makes me very happy and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you because you not only say, not only talk, not only emit, but you are HAPPINESS .I am very very happy to meet you and give you the most sincere congratulations for this great project “Easy Happiness” because you will help people like me A LOT the same way you helped me. […] My heartfelt thanks Loto, thanks for being who you are and always there for me. I Love You!!!

Rosa María Casanovas

Hay Teacher. Tarragona, Spain.

Thanks […] for sharing with all of us the other day. It has been coming to mind various parts of the seminar in specific situations, and I REALLY recognize that with the power of what you teach, and you can TRANSFORM the lives of people. I know I commented that of two people that came with me, one of them has found work, what is more, it was the first time he made some personal growth. And […] the truth that it is so important for me because he is a good friend. To see that he has been able to experience something like this fills me up.

Robert Carter

Retired – Previous Occupation: Computer Consultant / Analyst / Programmer. Harrison Township, Michigan EE.UU.

I just received my first session of CFF (Coaching for Easy Happiness) and I want to share my experience of it: I am surprised by the simplicity and clarity of this system. I felt the coach was fully aware of what I wanted to work, even though my part was some confusion. It helped me realize and refine what I wanted to work. Then he gave me a clear direction of what I need to practice and play in order to reach my goal. Finally, he gave me simple guidelines and practices to reinforce what I learned in the session.

CFF session really gave me the clarity and made it obvious he was chasing the wrong problem. It is much easier to work when I see a slight change in how I see the problem makes a big difference in how easy it is to work on it.

I think I got techniques can be applied to many different things that I see as problems, so I’m sure that this coach has given me power to deal with them if they occur in the future.

Rosa María Valeriano Hernández

Independent distributor.Tenerife, Spain.

[…] Thank you for all you shared and especially the seeds we have sown, while although we are far away, for me, each day I grow and grow.

A hug, beautiful SER.

Itziar Irazusta

Anthropologist. Network Marketing. San Sebastian, Spain.


[…] Just to meet and share a 10 day holiday with Loto WAS an experience I will not forget. He has a tremendous ability to convey unconditional love only with his eyes, and if you get a hug, you melt. His words convey quietness, peace and contact with the essence of each one. He lives in the present and his presence also makes it so that I also live in the present. At the end of the day, it’s the only real thing we have. Ananda, thank you for your presence in my life.

Susana Muñoz Cuenca

Sociology, Media Manager at Funwood.Madrid, Spain.

To meet Loto is one of those beautiful encounters that is one of life´s gifts. He is one of those people that you carry in your heart since the get go. His teaching and way of transmitting is like him: deep, simple, beautiful, reliable and easy. It is a pleasure to know and feel that he is close in distance, affordable although you may not  see it, available even if you don´t need him, and so is his teaching.

Fernando Darío Rodríguez

Singer, guitarist, painter, sign maker, Driver, Monitor, Father, Husband, Friend and Family. Alicante, Spain.

To get to know Loto was very easy, to describe the experience is more difficult. I can say that he IS a being who has the desire, the mission and the ability to get across intellectually, emotionally, affectively and in every way possible, to facilitate the understanding of our abilities, our potential and help us find ways to visualize and implement in real life all these elements. And he does so with great humor, intelligence and empathy. Having fun, he helps you grow and grow, and whenever you hear from him you can not wait to get together to laugh and share all the depth and intensity of the world where loves to take you.

Faride Arcaya Polack

Administrative AssistantLima, Peru.

I contacted Loto on Facebook and then we connected with Skype. The fact that you take the time, even hours, to talk to me and find a way to help is very valuable to me. In the CFF session I felt very comfortable and it inspired a lot of confidence in me, I think that’s the main thing in starting ANY type of relationship. When I realized I was laughing, I felt very comfortable, I could clearly grasp the tranquility he was sending my way. It gave me trust and hope in humanity.

Good to have met you Loto, it is invaluable what you do for people.

Yelena Molina

Actress. Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

Just with his presence, Loto disarms me, quietly and gently he reflects to me my own beauty. The session was refreshing, in a few minutes I was experiencing joy in the moment and the certainty that all is well at this time. Lightness and courage to go for my dreams with every cell in my body, with all my passion, my strength, without shame … to fly !!!! In less than a week they called me for a casting, AND out of nowhere opportunities began to emerge and I had little fear. It’s like looking into the eyes of your greatest desire, and with a smile from ear to ear, to go for it. 😀


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